Ready to join a community of women who will offer guidance, cheer you on and keep you accountable as your brand evolves to reflect who you are?

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The think.feel.brand Mastermind is a transformative 4-month experience designed
to align your heart and mindset
with your business brand.

This is an immersive online mentorship program developed to get you unstuck, inspired and ready to elevate your brand.


When a group of passionate individuals connect regularly to share inspiration, solve problems, offer guidance and pool contacts – that’s a mastermind. A results-oriented environment where everyone is all-in and committed.

Can you imagine what it would look like to work intensely on your brand for 4 months with a group of women who support you unconditionally? This is how a mastermind works to help you gain clarity and confidence in your brand and offering.

I know from personal experience that a results-driven mastermind can change everything for your business…

It’s intense. It’s comforting. It’s confronting. And it can take your brand to the next level and achieve amazing results in a fraction of the time.

After running a branding studio for more than 10 years and specialising in women-oriented businesses, I now know that a pretty brand is just not enough.

What matters more is the person who runs it: her mindset, her stories, and the circle of support she has around her. This is what really determines whether her entrepreneurial dream flies or fails.

When she gets stuck, when fear confuses her and brand uncertainty overwhelms her, she retreats and slows down.

I want
to change that
hello there,I'm Cristina.
I’m a passionate Brand Strategist committed to changing the world – one businesswoman at a time.

For more than 10 years now, my team and I have created and implemented brands all over the world across many industries. Our work has been widely published and our client’s businesses have flourished and grown.

I’ve worked closely with women, mentoring them to take action on their dreams and holding their hands as they launch. In the process I’ve made it my thing to study, research and understand what’s truly required to ignite a business idea.


Conversations that ignite the journey of building a brand, the heart that moves it forward, and the relationship between the experience you create as a business and the clients that you attract.

An Overview of Our Four Months Together
There is no business without you. The first month we will dive deep into the purpose, the dream and inner calling that started your journey. Together we will:

  • Re-ignite the fire of the dream. Why you are here in the first place.
  • Identify the core connections between you, your message and your brand.
  • Discover indispensable tools to turn off your inner critic and keep your fears at bay.
  • Identify the emotional anchor to your business that will keep you going through the toughest times.

With heart and mind aligned, it’s time to move onto your brand. In our conversations, we will:

  • Establish a true understanding of who you are here to serve.
  • Discuss all the layers of your brand and make sure they are aligned.
  • Ask all the brand questions you’ve had on your mind.
  • Audit your offerings to make sure they are coherent and captivating.

This is the point where you fall in love with your business. Build a great brand and get ready to delight. This month we will:

  • Discuss the principles of an unforgettable customer experience, and why your profit depends on it.
  • Learn my top tricks for developing high affiliation with customers through brand experience.
  • Identify the top 3 most crucial moments in the interaction with your customers and leverage them in your favour.

To conclude our journey we will join together once more to unpack our experiences, share feedback, ask questions and strategise next steps for your re-invigorated brand.

  • Share learnings and pose all your burning questions.
  • Nut out a strategy for continuing on the branding path that works for you.
  • Learn what to do should you ever find yourself stuck and uninspired in the future.


* After the last Mastermind, some of my graduates and I met up in person because we all happened to live in the same city.
But please note: this is an online program, which means you can take part from anywhere in the world.

In our
together you will…
  • Develop sustained self-belief to achieve your goals.
  • Gain advice and insights to create an unforgettable customer experience.
  • Learn how to power through moments of self-doubt (keep overwhelm at bay).
  • Experience a space of deep connection without competition, where real collaboration exists.
  • Stay accountable with the support of a specially curated group whose invaluable advice, collective experience and cheerleading will spur you on in a way a one-on-one session never could.
  • Gain clarity to take purposeful and aligned action for your brand.
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confidence boost_major insights_sharp clarity
Running From
April to July 2018
The Mastermind Experience includes:
  • Connect with fellow master-minders to receive support, reflection and feedback on your business vision.
  • Stay accountable to the changes as you implement what you want to create.
  • One at the start and one in the middle of the journey.
  • We dive deep into understanding the state of your business and brand, how it’s connected to your personal purpose and the strategy required for making it happen.
  • We identify the personal sabotages, traits or patterns that could potentially slow your progress.
  • We create a laser focused, step-by-step plan to ensure you make steady progress and stay aligned.
  • Regularly access Cristina and connect with mastermind crew for the for the entirety of the 4 months.
  • Celebrate your successes, receive support and encouragement in real time, and stay on track with your business success.
  • Access the members-only hub for my favourite resources on everything brand-related.
  • Find the books, teachers, mindset techniques, nutrition and supplementary information that radically change your game, inside and out.
  • Access to my Supplier list. Everything from the top copywriters to web developers, designers and healers to keep you implementing and moving ahead.
  • When relevant, I will personally connect you to my list of contacts around the world.
  • All our group calls will be recorded and you will have a chance to listen, reflect and review again and again.

Investing your time, energy and yes, budget into building a strong brand is one of the smartest decisions you can make as an entrepreneur – and trust me, it has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Your financial commitment grants you access to a highly experienced brand strategist with a proven track record AND a cohort of women whose collective wisdom and guidance will see your business reach new heights.

Best value
One payment of
AUD paid in full
Flexible option
Payment Plan
AUD 4 Monthly Payments

Meet my clients

and read what they have to say about our work together
  • Cristina. Fought to life one of my most sort after dreams, she assisted to craft the story of me and my passion and then wove it into a packaged product that would help me reach my audience. I really enjoyed the journey into why I was doing this and what I wanted to do as a goal. 

    Beautiful artistry and a Friendly inspiring nature - the experience left me touched, loved and inspired about my brand.

    Pamella Zakostelsky

    Founder Miss Vitality, Australia

  • When I started my business, Basiligo, healthy food delivery – I had no experience in the food, marketing, packaging industries. Yet I was a determined young female entrepreneur to create a quality product that would change my community’s healthy eating habits. My business starting point was creating my logo and brand. I thought that was simple task of just a logo. However, I came across Cristina’s site and got in touch. Little did I know that my initial call with her, that her advice and strategic direction would dictate the success of my company and brand. Gracious, encouraging, and full of vision – Cristina guided me through the importance of building a strategic brand image. Her character is naturally collaborative and creative. Her global perspective helped with creating a brand that translates across many cultures and languages (which is required in the United Arab Emirates)!

    Cristina’s strategic design coaching for our initial sessions has resonated throughout my company still this day (two years later!) and her advice is critical to the success of our company. Whether one is just starting or improving their businesses, one should never underestimate the importance of considering to integrate a creative and value added design strategic contributor the to team.

    Justine Corrado,

    Managing Partner Basiligo, United Arab Emirates

  • Working with Wallnut was a the beginning of a special relationship and a synergy for dreaming big. My brand lived in my head and thanks to Wallnut, it was birthed into everything I had envisioned. Thank you for dreaming with me and for creating this magical world I know live in.

    Sarah MacMillan

    Be Generation Love, USA

  • I'm so grateful to have met and collaborated with Cristina to create The Joy Society brand. She intuitively understood my vision and helped me to bring it to life!

    In particular, her detailed process of drawing out our brand story was so valuable. Throughout this journey, Cristina listened carefully and helped me to shape how we share this story with others.  Since working together, Cristina has become a trusted advisor. I value her opinion and listen carefully to her perspective. She is wise and kind; a beautiful combination. I hope you have the opportunity to spend time with her

    Chris Clements-Shepherd

    Director The Joy Society, Australia

  • Christina is a dream to work with! We consulted with her on ideas for our brand's design direction and launch of the collection. She was a great sounding board for all our ideas, always prepared for the calls, guided us through the process and gave valuable inputs which helped make the collection a success with our customer. She's the perfect mix of designer, marketer, strategist, and aesthete. Such a rare combination!

    Avneet Mann

    CEO and Founder, The Wishing Chair, India

  • Ideas come together when I sit to work with Cristina. Her way of formulating questions, her brilliant ability of intertwining concepts make a brand go way beyond expected, allowing it to convey messages full of value and emotion. Developing a unique style is always a challenge, but she has done exactly that by creating for us something  remarkable, timeless, honest, and different that till today still gets to my heart!

    Carolina Malabet

    Former Designer Estivo, Colombia

  • Starting a new project is like giving birth. To find on the road of creation, a sophisticated, subtle, and profoundly committed human being with integrity and such dedication is a gift of life. Cristina has walked beautiful roads with me always, understanding what comes from my heart and making it happen with such exquisiteness and delicacy. I feel immense gratitude for this. Without a doubt, she is my best recommendation for any new dreamer, she makes everything with a timeless and meaningful soul. She is a designer with consciousness, and that for me is invaluable. She is a great friend and adventure companion.

    Johanna Isaac

    Made of Stars, Colombia

  • Something magical happens when I collaborate with Cristina!  Of course she offers professionalism and strategic thinking but there is so much more that Cris brings to the table.  Projects transform and gain their own momentum.  Creativity and confidence seem to blossom, ideas take shape and grow and the project at hand develops a real personality.  Cris's passion and talent, mixed together with her ability to encourage, challenge and stimulate ideas in a professional and caring manner, makes her a respected choice when I have a project that I need help with.

    Katrina Lodge

    Feel Good Inc, Australia

  • I came to Cristina searching for help to re-build my website as my professional goals were changing and becoming quite complex.     Cristina had an amazing ability to challenge me from a rigorous yet loving place.  With her great coaching skills, she guided me into discovering not only how I wanted to be perceived, but what I really wanted to offer to my clients.   Working with Cristina goes far beyond from simply choosing a color scheme or a website theme.  She supported me to develop all the concepts and to connect with the right team of professionals for an amazing result. I can confidently say, that Cristina helped me achieve all the clarity that I didn't have to present myself to the world in a more coherent way as a multidimensional professional." 

    Sandra Carvajal

    Latin2Yoga, Hong Kong

  • When I feel self-doubt, fear, anxiety and overwhelm, Cristina is the one I turn to for guidance. Her power is in seeing through all the fog and getting to the core of the issue that's keeping me stuck.  When I first came to Cristina I was in crisis, personally and professionally I was a red hot mess! With her mentorship I moved beyond crippling fear and self doubt and have created a business and a lifestyle that I love, that is more fulfilling than I could have believed at the beginning. I've been through an intense period of personal growth and Cristina has guided me in the right direction at times I felt like I didn't know where to go.  I'm always learning from her, she draws from a deep pool of experience, knowledge and resources that I benefit from. Most of all she is a intuitive and generous woman and I feel like my cup is fuller after every conversation I have with Cris. 

    Simone Nabholz

    Winterwares, Australia

  • Highly intuitive, intelligent and creative, Cristina is a delight to work with and I thoroughly recommend her as an original and imaginative collaborator in the branding process.  One of Cristina’s many high level skills is her ability to listen and translate unclear branding ideas into something beautiful, delightful and relevant. Cristina gently and patiently guided me through the Branding process of Take Two and she was able to transform ideas into a product that is truly stunning. She has been instrumental in the gorgeous branding of Take Two and I could not be more thrilled with her careful and loving support during the process.  Warm, loving and always kind; Cristina went above and beyond on all levels and was excellent value for money. Her passion and commitment are palpable. I am looking forward to working with Cristina again as I develop my product and I know she is a perfect high quality fit for Take Two.

    Annette Phillips

    CEO TAKE TWO App, Australia

  • I first came to Cris to help rebrand my Health Coaching business. After our first meeting she knew me, my essence and what I was about. Through this process she created my beautiful online home which I absolutely love. Her incredible gift has been to help me identify the mental road blocks sabotaging my business growth, preventing action and keeping me ‘small’. She does this by gently, knowingly identifying exactly what’s going on. Then with a suite of tools up her sleeve, she clearly recommends next steps to move me forward confidently and happily. After every session I know exactly what’s to happen next. It’s clear, fun and exciting. Most recently I’ve worked with Cris on the launch of my online program. In the past I’ve felt very ‘stuck’ in promoting and sharing it online and been quite stressed without enjoying the process. This time around it’s happened with ease and flow thanks to her soulful, intuitive and direct guidance. She not only sees and holds the vision for my work and looks ahead for potential roadblocks, she breaks it down into practical, step x step actions, making it all progress and happen - easily! I’ve worked with many different coaches and Cristina is unique. She is always a step ahead of me, yet right there beside me. Her mentoring is invaluable. I am very fortunate to have had Cris by my side at this critical time in my business. I absolutely adore Cris and I adore working with her. She has a unique capacity to tap into your soul and bring it alive within your brand. Thank you from my heart.

    Kate Barnes

    Kate Barnes Health Coaching, Australia

  • My conversations with Cris take me on a journey to examine to realise that I had only my level of clarity. Her clarity is beyond mine when it comes to presenting myself. I re-examine my direction like a navigator who has been presented with a new set of charts. That is Cristina’s expertise. She holds the experience of so many past success stories, which expands my possibilities of myself. Cristina has the formula. Expect to be uncomfortable, expect to be challenged, expect to succeed.

    Helen MCcarthy

    Inner Spin, Australia

  • What really struck me about working with Cristina was her ability to draw out my core message. She helped me find real clarity in my voice and that is what has taken my brand to the next level. When I first started working with Cristina I had no idea that the most powerful gift she would give me was a strong and consistent message and identity that stands out in the crowded online space and most of all is uniquely me.

    Julia Jones

    Newborn Mothers, Australia

  • Working with Cristina was the best investment decision I’ve made for my brand. It took me years to finally take the plunge and work officially under my own name. Cristina’s support and guidance was crucial: she helped me identify my true potential and value proposition. Every call was like a trip to empowerment land that left me with a big smile on myself and full of energy, willpower and with the certainty that I was creating something worth making. Cristina helped me visualize and draw up a strategy to turn everything I had ever dreamed of doing with my brand, into a reality. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Cristina’s support. She has the gift of seeing you beyond your fears and picture you doing what you dream of doing in full potential. Once she shared that vision with me, there was no turning back: for the first time, I realized what I could deliver and KNEW it would work out and the journey would be an amazing one. Every time I’m struck by fear, I go back to our conversations to revise my plan and reconnect with my true purpose. I can redesign business Ideas with the big picture in mind and, best of all, without losing myself in the process. If you want to build an amazing brand, but feel stuck or need an extra push, Cristina is the person you should work with. She’ll help you turn your ideas and dreams into a strategic plan full of short, medium and long term goals and will help you reconnect with the inner strength you need to clear up the way and overcome any obstacle.

    Eva Medalla

    Eva Medalla Brand Consultant, Uruguay

  • When I began my journey with Cristina I had no idea I was going to be on such an intense journey or Personal and Business development. I thought that she would do all the work and I would just be given something beautiful back at the end, how wrong I was.   Yes I was given a stunning and Professional Brand design but it was through Cristina’s unique and loving peeling back of layers and creative enthusiasm that led me to my deepest desires and passion within my business and myself.   Cristina and her team literally held my hand through the whole process in such a professional and individual way but also had such huge belief in me that I was capable far beyond what I was seeing.   To have someone have so much belief in who you are as a woman and how you are going to impact the world with your gifts… well that is soul changing and maybe I haven’t realised it until right in this moment but my future will never be the same because of the magic of Wallnut Studio and the creative soul Cristina who I am forever grateful to.

    Jarna Saunders

    Daya Clarity Coaching, Australia

  • We approached Cristina at Wallnut Studio because of the pure quality of her work and more importantly because of ‘how’ she works. The strategic thinking and deep thought that had gone into her other clients brand development was inspiring. And of course, we wanted the same quality-oriented and nuanced approach for the development of our first My Career Rhythms brand. We needed someone to help us figure out what was most important to our startup and to us as individual Founders. Not only what we wanted our logo to represent, but how we wanted to ‘be’ with our clients and service providers and all who came into contact with our business. As a startup Founder herself, Cristina not only acted as a brand expert, but as a Business Mentor, a Coach and an Educator. Just one conversation with Cristina and you’ll be buzzing about how exciting your life is and what you and your business could achieve. I found the experience extremely rewarding and often at times touching. She holds the space for you with tenderness and eagerness and invites you to bring your ‘whole person’ to the process. I would love to recommend the services of Wallnut Studio to any aspiring business owner whether you’re at the beginning of your business journey or you’ve already made headway and feeling like now is the time for a refresh. The process will re-energise both you and your business.

    Sheonaigh Rennie

    My Career Rhythms, Australia

  • I first started working with Cristina a few years ago. I needed to rebrand my business and build a new website. The experience was amazing. Not only did I get a world class design and service, but she worked with me on such a personal level and helped me overcome so many fears I had around running my business. My workload is now so much less and my businesses gained momentum, making them financial more viable and they now stand out amongst the rest in my field. Cristina is an incredibly motivating and driven woman and has such a dynamic way of working.  She is highly efficient, with such attention to detail and really acts as a business mentor/motivator. My life has seriously benefitted from working with this beautiful goddess and sometimes I really cannot believe how fortunate I have been to have met her and work with her. We are now working on more projects and I have inspiration to succeed and less fear around being “Big”. Words actually can’t describe how I feel about Cristina. Thank you so much beautiful Cristina, you’ve completely enhanced my life.

    Kate Porotto

    Fremantle Yoga Centre, Australia

  • I met Cristina when my business was just an idea, a dream, and I was a bit nervous to launch it. She believed in me and my business from the start. She encouraged me and helped me bring my brand to life. She listened to what I wanted to convey to my audience and translated it into a beautiful website and brand. And she went beyond that. During the time we worked together I trusted her as a business partner and learned about strategy and e-business. Her kindness, non-judgment creativity and knowledge made it a delight to work with her. She continues to be an important part of my business.

    Carolina Zuleta

    Carolina Zuleta Coaching, United States

  • Pamella Zakostelsky, Founder Miss Vitality, Australia
  • Justine Corrado, Managing Partner Basiligo, United Arab Emirates
  • Sarah MacMillan, Be Generation Love, USA
  • Chris Clements-Shepherd, Director The Joy Society, Australia
  • Avneet Mann, CEO and Founder, The Wishing Chair, India
  • Carolina Malabet, Former Designer Estivo, Colombia
  • Johanna Isaac, Made of Stars, Colombia
  • Katrina Lodge, Feel Good Inc, Australia
  • Sandra Carvajal, Latin2Yoga, Hong Kong
  • Simone Nabholz, Winterwares, Australia
  • Annette Phillips, CEO TAKE TWO App, Australia
  • Kate Barnes, Kate Barnes Health Coaching, Australia
  • Helen MCcarthy, Inner Spin, Australia
  • Julia Jones, Newborn Mothers, Australia
  • Eva Medalla, Eva Medalla Brand Consultant, Uruguay
  • Jarna Saunders, Daya Clarity Coaching, Australia
  • Sheonaigh Rennie, My Career Rhythms, Australia
  • Kate Porotto, Fremantle Yoga Centre, Australia
  • Carolina Zuleta, Carolina Zuleta Coaching, United States
Some frequently asked questions
You may be wondering...

Probably not. In order to guarantee that everyone at the table gets the best of me, we require all the participants to be at a similar level, which I recommend is having been in business for at least 2 years. Having said this, shoot me an email if you’d like to discuss, I may also have other offerings for you!

All the live calls will be recorded, so you can access them whenever is convenient for you.

Our first call is Wednesday the 4th of April. The program runs all the way until the 4th of July.

The calls will be on Wednesdays at 9am West Australian Time (AWST; UTC+08:00). If you are in Colombia for example, they will run at 8pm of the Tuesday. Depending on the location of the members, we may adjust the call times slightly to suit as many members as possible, so definitely register your interest.

You can cancel your Mastermind membership within 14 days of the first Mastermind call and receive a refund, minus a $100 fee to cover administration. You must also demonstrate that you have participated in the Mastermind by joining the Facebook community forum, and submitting worksheets from the first Mastermind topic before requesting a cancellation of your course membership and refund.

Change of mind before the first Mastermind call does not constitute a valid reason for a refund. Refund requests after the 14 days period referenced above will not be approved under any circumstances. Any one on one calls received prior to your cancellation will be discounted from your payment at a rate of $200 AUD per call. For more information, check our Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this site.

Oh Yes! If there is enough interest in a Spanish group, I will definitely run one. I suggest you apply and I’ll keep you informed on this one.

The Mastermind is
perfect for you, if:

You have a business and a brand,
and you’ve ideally been in business a couple of years.

You’re stuck in decision fatigue.

You feel lonely growing your business.

You have tons of questions around your brand and offerings, and
no one (qualified) to ask and trust.

You feel you’re on a rollercoaster – one minute you’re filled with huge self-belief and then the next you collapse in a heap, thinking:
‘Who am I to shine?’

You have a gift that you know could make a difference in the world, if only you were held accountable to achieve your goals.

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• Get my eyes and ears on your business.

• Receive an instant opportunity to refine your offerings and improve your results.

• Identify one key point in your customer’s experience that could potentially generate more trust, referrals and profit than you have considered before.

This free session is more than a Q&A about the think.feel.brand Mastermind – it’s an opportunity to identify the money-making opportunities for your brand.

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