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| Dream Plan Get it Done – a Year In 3 Months

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dream | plan |

get it done.




Join leading Brand Strategist
Cristina Londono for a
FREE live training on
September 25 at 9am AWST!

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Did you start off the year with the pretty calendar and a grand vision but some stuff is just not getting done?

Maybe you had lots of ideas about what your business life could look like in 2019 but you are struggling to make them happen, or have even given up?

Are you thinking, here I go again, lots of planning and dreaming, not much doing, and feeling disappointed with yourself?

OR perhaps things have changed and you are trying to figure out what feels important and worth your efforts for this year’s last few months?

Join me. It’s FREE. I’m going to help you get where you need to be.

In this workshop together, we’ll briefly review the year so far, dive inside to find what is truly important to you and must get done.
Together, we’ll define clear action steps and create a strategic calendar mapping your practical path for what’s left of 2019.

You’ll graduate with a well-developed specific goal vision and a defined chart showing how you’re going to finish the year on a high!


  • How to brainstorm strategically and identify the dreams that best align with who you are.
  • NLP techniques to help you connect with your wise guiding intuition and avoid self-sabotage.
  • How to call on the planner within to find the habits, tools, space and team you need to achieve your goals.
  • Processes for translating your big ideas into calendar entries and action steps.
  • A ritual for communicating your intention to your wise subconscious mind and sending it out into the world.


keep in mind…

Dream | Plan | Get It Done training is FREE if you join live on 25 September 2019. Everything will be recorded and you can learn on your own time for $47.

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hello there, I'm Cristina.
I’m a passionate brand strategist committed to changing the world – one businesswoman at a time.

For more than 10 years now, my team and I have created and implemented successful brands all over the world across many industries. Our work has been widely published and our clients’ businesses have flourished and grown.

I’ve worked closely with women, mentoring them to take action to achieve their dreams, and holding their hands as they launch. In the process I’ve made it my thing to study, research and understand what’s truly required to ignite a business idea.