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Join leading Brand Strategist
Cristina Londono for an intimate
and powerful workshop to
set your year’s intentions
and learn the art of bringing
them to life!


9:00 – 11:00 am, 13 FEBRUARY 2019



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Planning propels you so much closer to actually achieving what you imagine.

Do you have lots of ideas about what your life could be like, but struggle to make them happen?

Maybe you feel disconnected from what 2019 will bring or want to find more meaning in your work.

OR perhaps you already have a big vision for what you want to achieve, but are unsure where to start.

Join me. I’m going to help you get where you need to be.

In my first workshop of 2019, we’ll align your deepest desires with clear action steps and create a beautiful calendar mapping your practical path.

You’ll graduate with a well-developed vision and a defined chart showing how you’re going to bring your goals to life.


  • How to brainstorm strategically and identify the dreams that best align with who you are.
  • NLP techniques to help you connect with your wise guiding intuition and avoid self-sabotage.
  • How to call on the planner within to find the habits, tools, space and team you need to achieve your goals.
  • Processes for translating your big ideas into calendar entries and action steps.
  • A ritual for communicating your intention to your wise subconscious mind and sending it out into the world.

Cristina is able to draw on knowledge from a wide range of sources, and this combined with her own unique magic is quite a force.”


How it works


A totally hands-on experience, this workshop is designed for a small group of business owners.

Upon arrival, you’ll be received by a heart-warming drink, your very own dream-planning kit, and Cristina, a seasoned Brand Strategist and certified NLP practitioner, ready to help you connect with your heart, your brand and your planner within.

  • PART 1, The Dreamer

In the first part of the workshop, we will focus on finding THE GOLD. From strategic brainstorming to deep visualization and powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) tools. We will connect to what your most inspiring and meaningful goals are for the first 6 months of the year.

Then we call our intuition and check whether our goals are inwardly aligned or if there is inner conflict with potential for self-sabotage. I’ll show you how to proceed if this is the case.

  • PART 2, The Planner

Calling in your LEFT BRAIN, we check how feasible each of your ideas are. From revenue to turning them into an offering, we evaluate what stays, what we commit to, and what has to wait.

Selection in hand, we begin to map. Using a blank wall calendar, some stickers and pens, we’ll plan the action steps, launch times, promotions and any relevant milestone for the next 6 months ahead. (trust me, it will look real pretty too!)

  • PART 3, The Alchemist

Well Aligned dreams and goals, ticked. Key dates and clear calendar, ticked.
Now we call in the magic.

ALIGNING YOU WITH THE PLAN is a process where I get you to deeply connect to that aspect of you that will carry on with the plan. The daily habits, tools, space, team, supportive thinking patterns are all part of this very important step.

Our last part of the process is what I call, PLANTING THE MAGICAL SEED. In a short but powerful visualisation, we take your finished documents and Goal Calendar, and deliver your dreams and desires out into the universe and deep into your subconscious mind. This essential ritual will activate your goals and plant the seed for the incredible things to come.

At the very end, we will have a chance to share our findings, dreams and gorgeous calendars with the group. Finding an accountability partner is not required but highly, suggested!!!

A table full of nourishing nibbles will be provided and a few breaks squeezed into our action-full, dream-full time together. You’ll get a chance to you take it all in!

join me for $147

9:00 – 11:00 am, 13 FEBRUARY 2019


Artboard 1-100

“I am now feeling both empowered and excited about the future of my business”


“Cristina has a unique ability to blend a strong, intuitive sense with clear and logical processes.”


“You kept me focused on my priorities whilst providing invaluable advice and guidance on my brand’s positioning, communication and marketing.”


hello there, I'm Cristina.
I’m a passionate brand strategist committed to changing the world – one businesswoman at a time.

For more than 10 years now, my team and I have created and implemented successful brands all over the world across many industries. Our work has been widely published and our clients’ businesses have flourished and grown.

I’ve worked closely with women, mentoring them to take action to achieve their dreams, and holding their hands as they launch. In the process I’ve made it my thing to study, research and understand what’s truly required to ignite a business idea.

What people are saying about the Workshop..


“Starting a new year is a mix of daunting and exciting in my business. I’ve got so many ideas of what I want to do but thinking about how I’m going to find the time to make them happen is overwhelming. A couple of hours with Cristina doing the Dream, Plan, Get it Done workshop was exactly what I needed to get clarity, figure out my goals and know how to run the next 6 months of business. I let go of some goals that weren’t realistic and added in some that tick all my boxes for personal happiness and making money. I’m thrilled that my goals are tangible and feel so achievable. It’s something that I’ll do again every six months to stay on track. For the first time I’m starting my new year with a feeling of ‘I got this!’ It’s a few hours so well spent, it’s going to save me weeks of time and resources that I would have wasted. “



”GAME CHANGING I thought I had all the tips and tricks to build an amazing brand and not breaking myself in the process, until Dream, Plan, Get it Done. With Cristina’s guidance, I was able to connect with my deepest dreams and hopes, and to finally envision the person I want to become. Her energy, wisdom and techniques, applied while working through her detailed workbook and calendar during the call, helped me become truly aware of the amount of time I have in my hands to make things happen. She helped me see what needed to go where and, suddenly, I was no longer overwhelmed by all the plans and ideas I’ve had for my business for years but was never able to bring to life. In little over an hour, I understood what it is I need to do and, most importantly, how not to loose momentum nor confidence.
I know that, six months from now, I will be able to look back and thank her, because I will see the change I needed to make completed. “



”Oh Cristina, the workshop today went well beyond my expectations! Your wholistic approach to planning, business + branding, including the importance of working with our inner self is the missing link that I haven’t seen elsewhere! The balanced approach of using our right/masculine bringing in the form/structure discipline + left/feminine creative dreaming brain as well as bringing them together in alchemy is absolute gold! I am SO inspired and feel empowered to go forwards towards my dreams and now have a clear plan to do so, with strategies I place to support me when things inevitably get challenging. With all of my heart THANK YOU for this workshop and all of the work you do, holding us to the fire with such passion in sharing your gifts!!”



“Wow! Thank you so much for such an incredible, scary and exhilarating planning workshop this morning. I learnt so much about myself and couldn’t believe how powerful it is to write down and plan all your hopes and dreams to achieve successful outcomes. What I loved the most was how you facilitate your clients to do the work from the inside to see results on the outside. You are such a vibrant and enthusiastic eloquent and inspirational speaker and motivator. I’m excited now for 2019. Thank you.”



”Cristina Thank-you for planting the seed of inspiration in my heart again today, you reminded me of my why and my deep love for seeing woman succeed. The way you shared your gifts with such passion and conviction has ignited a strength and certainty in myself that I am so excited to nourish and share with the world. Thank you beautiful woman and I look forward to working together again very soon “



”Cris thank you for an amazing workshop, it was truly profound and deep but at the same time very practical and hands on. It will definitely help me a lot in planning, visualising and achieving my personal and my brand´s goals and dreams. “



“Cristina’s workshop was not only full of powerful information and methods to get my business organized and well planned for 2019, but was also so heartfelt.. is not often that we pay attention to our intuition and feelings into what we are doing in the work field, and Cristina is a master at connecting brains, heart and soul!!!”



“I participated in the Dream Plan Get it Done workshop in January 2019. It was the real boost that I needed to be able to focus various thoughts I had into real, tangible action points. Cristina’s unique approach and process allowed me to uncover subconscious feelings and patterns that are holding me back from my true potential; I can’t wait to discover more and move beyond these challenges. She is an inspiring leader and facilitator, blending her expertise with a high level of obvious passion and real connection with everyone she encounters.”



“As a coach I’ve been part of multiple visioning and planning sessions and I always feel that they’re either missing the strategy or missing the heart. Cristina has been able to combine both in this 90 minute workshop. And the best part was that by the end I had a one page calendar with my complete map for the next 6 months. Cristina’s way of mapping the year brought me the clarity I needed and made me realize that I need to grow my team to achieve my goals. This insight alone is life changing! Thank you Cris.”